We have sold the business to a ranching family in the Susanville area that has been direct marketing beef, lamb & pork for the past 5 yrs.  They intend to continue a similar business plan.

Please send all inquiries to Joe or Andrew Bertotti at bertotti@psln.com.

 Their new website is:


Mary & I are in wild retirement in the northwest corner of Washington.  We enjoyed 8 years of direct lamb marketing and came to think of our customers as part of a larger family.  We miss that part very much--but this is definitely easier!

Our new email is mmt47@comcast.net.  Send us some of your thoughts if the urge arises.


What Cut Is This???

We have been asked many times to provide labels on each package, for identification and cooking tips.  This is not easily done with our processor, since it would involve a different production line, pickup dates and MORE EXPENSE to the customer.

To address this problem, we have Lamb Cuts Illustrated (listed on right) that shows fairly well each cut that we provide.  Please click on the entry, determine what part of the lamb the piece is from, then take a stab at cooking it.  Generally, shoulder chops are the most problematic, due to the weird muscling, that requires these chops to be gently grilled (rare) or slow-cooked according to "pot roast" or braised recipes.  The net has many ideas for shoulder chop braising.

Lamb Shanks are meant to be slow-cooked also.  The others are roasted, grilled or broiled to your heart's content.  As you already likely know, slow-cooking lamb is deliciously flexible due to its mild flavor.  No need to overpower a strong flavor often found in pork or beef---lamb responds to a light touch, seasoning-ly speaking.

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